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IFB CON September 2012

As many of you know, I really love the Independent Fashion Bloggers website. 
If you don’t know IFB, it is a super helpful website for fashion bloggers, new and old. 
Whether you are just starting and need tips on how to put together posts, 
or you’re a seasoned pro who is looking for advice on the best way to start a new affiliation with a brand, 
IFB is the go-to guide for any blogger (even if you aren’t necessarily involved in fashion!).

The line before everyone was let in…

Someone called this my ” Lana Anna Del Rey” ring (evidence here) [by the way: it’s from Forever 21!]

The IFB Con was an amazing production (my words) put together by the lovely ladies of IFB on September 4&5: 
Jennine Jacobs, Taylor Davies, Amanda Boyce, and Chelsea Burcz. 
Funny enough, this time around I didn’t go as a participant- I actually helped work the event 
with some of the most awesome people I have met in this industry
 (Nicole of The City Girl in Me and Amy of Parker Etc, just to name a few).

I have to say, as someone who as attended IFB Con before, 
I really think that the women of IFB truly outdid themselves. 
From the BareMinerals station where you could “get your makeup ‘did” 
and the DIY station by MailChimp, 
to the nail painting station by Julep, the conference had an amazing sponsorship behind it, which I found was incredible. 
Then, there were “breakout sessions” which taught you about new concepts that you might not have considered as a fashion blogger.

The main attractions of the first day were Jenni of I Spy DIY, the gorgeous model Coco Rocha, 
and fashion editor/writer Derek Blasberg (among many others). They all spoke and took part in Q&A’s, which you can check out more on IFB.

The After Party at Sixty Thompson

Helping out at the event was an amazing experience. I would do it ALL over again!

Let me know if you attended! What did you think about it?

Let’s Go, FNO

Knowing that Fashion’s Night Out is in a little more than a week got me really excited. I mean, why wouldn’t I be? 
Though Fashion Week signals the end of summer it also hails a warm welcome of autumnal awesomeness (hello to my favorite sartorial season).
 FNO is a night of fun filled activities, meet and greets, and of course, SHOPPING.
For those of you who don’t know what Fashion’s Night Out is, it is an unprecedented global initiative 
created in 2009 to celebrate fashion, 
restore consumer confidence, boost the industry’s economy during the recession, and also puts the fun back into shopping! 
In the United States, the program is a collaboration between American Vogue
the Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC &  Company, and the City of New York. 
The best part is that it is now a GLOBAL event, and you don’t have to be only in NYC to enjoy this night of festivities! 
Go check out to find a location near you.

Check out this video of all the stars who will be there! 

Sadly (or smartly), I already have my agenda mapped out for the night. 
Places you can find me at are: Bloomingdales (monogramming with the lovely Rebecca Minkoff),
 Bergdorf Goodman (capturing photos at 5F), Henri Bendel (enjoying acrobatics and awesome 
illustrations by Izak Zenou, who I met at last year’s FNO), and those are just a few. 
Is it sad that I have over 50 events that I want to visit? 
I know I probably won’t even make it to half of them. 
Knowing me, I will get stuck (not unwillingly) at an amazing event and not want to leave. 
[Rachel] Zoe well. I will definitely be posting from FNO on my Instagram and Twitter ( @thisthattrend ) - so stay updated! 

Let’s go through a montage of me in my FNO shirt from last year…

I spy with my little eye… A photo bomber!

Maaaaybe I will make a post chronicling my time at FNO. 
But knowing me, that may be true in early May.

Are you headed to FNO this year? Which one? What events do you plan on hittin’ up? Let me know in the comments below!

Photos taken by the lovely Jessica Iampolskaia © 2012